An Iconic
Taste of Iceland

Skyrland immerses your senses in the world of skyr, Iceland’s unique superfood. A journey of sights, scents and tastes, you’ll discover a 1000-year story of how a Viking dairy product became a global modern health food.

Icelandic Dairy Tale

Skyr, the creamy Icelandic yogurt, is woven through the story of a nation. Skyrland takes you to the heart of Icelandic history, culture and nature, and tells you what lies behind every spoonful of skyr

Liquid of Life

You’ll encounter the mythological cow and the source of milk – the life-giving liquid that starts it all.

Mineture Magic

Peeking inside our mineature turf house transports you to the past, as you discover how skyr helped Icelanders survive.

Summer in a box

The Icelandic summer is magical, but short. Immerse yourself in the scent of summer, where the grass is green all year round!

Walls of Curiosity

Fascinating and surprising collection of stories that reveal how a unique dairy product has shaped a nation.

Ísey Skyr Bar

Next to Skyrland you’ll find Ísey Skyr Bar where you can sit down and spoil yourself with delicious skyrbowls and smoothies. 

The Old Dairy

Skyrland is a part of The Old Dairy, a new destination in Selfoss, Iceland – and a must-stop destination for food lovers.

  • Food Hall with 8 Restaurants
  • Tap Room with Icelandic Craft Beer
  • Wine & Cocktail Bar 

Selfoss is the largest town in South Iceland, 45 min drive from Reykjavik and part of the Golden Circle Route.